Dream Trip Days 21-26  Bourg rain, rain, rain

Not too much to write about, it rained all day so there wasn’t anything to do nor drive to see for nearly a week.

I wrote most of the first 20 posts during this time.

We watched every match, each day of Euro Cup stating at 3, ending around midnight.

Eric made coque madam, baguettes, rice, pasta, or cordon bleu, dinner around 7.

Lots of coffee and smoking.

Breakfast was pastries and apple juice with coffee.

No rain Sunday so had just enough time to do laundry and find a 12th century church.

There was a slight break in the rain Wednesday so we drove to Bordeaux.

Walked around futbol stadium and overheard national anthem being sung.

Maybe was in town for an hour or two before it rained again.

I focused on new experience and it was a free room, stay positive.

Eric’s dinners were the highlight of the day for sure and always gave me something to look forward to while it rained and I wrote.

Songs: the Carpenters Rainy Days and Monday’s
Beers: Maredsous and Affligem