Dream trip Day 138 Philly to DC by bus, beers with Jeff

Leaving is always hard, I am not good at it though I do it all the time.

The day began at Grindhouse for coffee and pastry. I still am not sure how they make vegan sweets or ice cream. I’m glad someone figured it out though. It’s good.

We hugged it out and then I queued up for the line to DC. This time I had a ticket.

Had just enough time to snap a pic of Philly’s Chinatown gate, a new thing I’d been taking pics of since I arrived to Boston.



Another pretty quick bus ride and I was in DC. I was soon walking to one of my favorite hostels. I’d stayed here on a couple of other DC visits.

It’s in a good location, sort of close to a few subway lines which made getting around easier. Plus I knew the neighborhood.

Not much had changed at the hostel. Take off your shoes in front, bunks in the back. I decided it was time for a rest. Long night ahead.

I took the Metro to the stop near the capital, Jeff worked for the gov though I wasn’t 100% clear on what he did. I knew he helped a Congressman from Texas for a few years.

I’d know Jeff for over 15 years by this point. We’d seen radiohead together on The Bends tour, drove to Cali from Denton after graduation. We’d seen a lot.

A couple of transfers and we were at his car, parked at a station. This was sort of my dream commute situation. I just want to avoid traffic and downtown DC is pretty bad.

Initially we discussed checking out a punk show. I feel we both realized we couldn’t talk if we were in a loud place so we hailed a car to take us to a pub.

Jeff’s wife was actually Swedish, as in she spoke the language and had lived there for a time. That is a cool way to see a city and country.

He told me bout their honeymoon or maybe she just goes home every year and Jeff joined. I haven’t explored Scandinavia yet, looks fun but cold.

We caught the ballgame that was on. I ventured that maybe we could see a Nationals playoff game the next night. They had just won their division.

After sharing travel tales, his wife arrived to collect him for the night. She too is a cool kid and it was nice to get to know her at their wedding a couple of years ago.

Marylanders they were now. Ocean City for the summers.

I had to negotiate the Metro late and half sauced. I didn’t have a lady to pick me up.

It was fine, just sliver to red, head north and I was home.

Safe inside a roomful of strangers, snoring.


Song Fugazi   Kyeo

Beer  DC Brau   Corruption


Dream trip Day 135 NYC pizza, bus to Philly, beers with Jodi

Natalie had to work and I had to hit on the road. Southbound to Philly today.

I was told to hit up Roscoe’s for a good pizza experience. I definitely wanted to get some NYC pizza to compare to some of the places I went in Dallas.

I got plenty lost and turned around walking the quarter-mile to the pizza joint. Oh well I got to see some cool parts of the city.

It was a by the slice affair at Roscoe’s. You ordered, they threw it in the oven while you paid and it was done shortly after.

Good pizza, sauce, and of course that crust! Another one please, nice and hot.

I shared space with some tough looking construction workers. Chowing down on some sweet ‘za. A classic NYC scene.

I am always surprised by how long it takes to get around via subway in NYC. About an hour to get over to the west side to a bus stop.

There are several lines for the bus, each for a different destination city, so you have to ask someone to make sure you are in the right line.

There are conductors and people who walk around keeping order. They know what to do and can sell you a ticket.

One held a portable swiper/printer device. The receipt was long as it was your ticket too.

I filed in line to board, throwing my backpack into the baggage hold. I’d discovered the top compartments weren’t large enough for my backpack, which is also too big to stow under the seats.

I kick back and watch the city fly pass me through the window.

I’d never been to Philly, so it was important that I make it down for a couple of days.

I’m a huge history fan especially US history, how the country was founded. A lot of action happened in Philly.

Luck was on my side as I had met someone on my trip who lived in Philly. She didn’t mind me crashing on her couch for a few days. Finally going to see Philadelphia, PA!

I spoke to my friend Jodi, and told her I was near city hall, specifically a large paperclip art installation.

To my amazement I was able to locate her truck as she passed on the busy road in front of the clip, I threw my bag in the back, get in the cab and slammed the door shut.

I was greeted by Jodi’s dog who is super cool. Only surpassed by Jodi who is the coolest!

She showed off a bit of Philly while it was still light, passing by a few landmarks I could take pics of.

We walked her dog around these sites, too. Lots of dogs in Philly.



We soon arrived at the port. We were looking at the Delaware River, Trenton NJ was on the other side of the river.

Lots of military ships out here.



We saw another large ship sail out to sea before getting back into the truck.

Her house wasn’t too far. In fact Philly isn’t that large, maybe 5 miles in any direction. Buses seemed to run most of the days, I certainly saw them whenever I was out.

We were hungry so we walked to a bar that served pretty good Mexican food. Had a couple of beers too.

It was a cool neighborhood pub, full of characters too. A guy at the bar had just been released from jail and they were celebrating.

Apparently this was a normal event and celebration here. Shots poured. I guess I am lucky or maybe square but I ain’t never been to jail.

Another baseball game I was able to catch, just being out and about I found a TV.

More pints, some food and we snake our way through the neighborhood home.

Everything feels old and out of a film. Just wonderful brownstone houses, walk ups, older corner businesses, the way it was, you know.

Tomorrow I’d fully explore the historic side of the city!

Beer  Philadelphia pale ale

Song  Hall and Oates   Method of Modern Love

Dream trip Day 133 Providence to New York City by bus, West Village house party with friends

If there is one thing I enjoy for breakfast it is corned beef hash. This is more of an east  coast treat and well, I was on the east coast!

Sure enough a couple blocks away was a diner. I didn’t even have to look at the menu. 2 fried eggs, over medium, corn beef hash, coffee.

I was served by a cute gal, long hair, young though. It is always nice to have those movie notions of saying something like, ‘I can see it, You hate it here. Why don’t you join me on this journey I’m on…’

Alas no, I just sat and calmly drank my coffee until my food arrived.

So good! Nice runny yolk is the sauce for the hash. Great way to begin the day, especially after a night of shots.

There were only a couple of buses to NYC so I had to rush a bit. I was only able to say farewell to one of the people I went out with the night before.

She thought I was rushing to leave, but I was at the mercy of the bus schedule, that and traffic once I hit the City.

I would be getting into town around 7 as it was. I wasn’t sure about my friends schedules, what time they would be ready or if they had to work.

Once again I played with fire not buying a ticket, just headed out to the bus depot. I was likely sore at the fees imposed when buying online. I can assure you, they levy them at you in person as well.

I made it all the way to the ticket counter where I see a hand written sign reading ‘Out to Lunch back in 10 min.’

The bus left in 10 minutes! Sure enough this lady wanders in at the time of departure, munching on chips. I give her a head nod and she meets me at the window.

‘1 to NYC, for now please. Has the bus left?’ I ask.

‘There it go now, you can take that one.’ she replied and handed me a ticket while pointing behind her at a bus that had just pulled into the depot. Crunch.

That’s how they rolled in Providence. I was heading to the big apple, New York City!

I hardly believed it as we drove through the wet, soggy afternoon.

I wore a huge smile on my face the entire ride down as we lurched through borough after borough until we arrived @ 41st & 8th St.

Now I know what the sound of 10+ horns blaring at the same time sounds like, thanks everybody.

I found the route to my friend’s part of town, not even thinking about taking the subway, I was walking the mean streets of NYC!

I just kept on walking through Hell’s Kitchen, Greenwich Village. 41 gorgeous blocks just like Holden walked.

You just feel more alive in New York I cannot explain it.

Plenty of time for a hot dog, something I so rarely ate. Had a nice thick fruit beverage with my doggers too.

Fortified, I continued my assault on the city. Walked on Bleeker St, past CBGB’s, now a salon that sold clothes. Sell merchandise, not the dream.


My friends would meet me out later. They were going to a housewarming party. I was assured it was cool I tag along.

I posted up at a pub and got some beers while I waited. Beer was about 8$ a pint or what I paid in Oak Cliff for a pint. Dang!

There’s usually a ballgame on at night in the fall so I caught a bit of a game before my friends arrived.

They they were! So cool to see an old friend. Natalie and her husband Nick. I’d gone to college with Natalie, sort of.

Denton has 2 universities so a lot of people who live there work or attend college. I can’t recall which one Natalie went to. We didn’t have any classes together, she was art major and knew several people I hung out with.

She was a teacher at NYC school #832. It was great to see her!

We got pints and hit up a booth where I filled them in on my travel story. I think Natalie said I should write a book. I think that may be what I am writing now.

Soon we finished and hit the subway to a party across town, in the West Village.

It was a little awkward as I parked my bags into a nook of the room which was filled totally by a couch.

These were some of their friend who had actually lived in Denton for a time when I had moved away.

Sometimes I think about living in Denton again.

They had plenty of beer, a fire escape/balcony that overlooked the street. It was such a cool experience just having a beer out there watching people walk by.

I am fairly sure we took the subway a couple stops to my friend’s apartment. It was nice, air mattress sort of night.

Sirens howled in the distance.

Beer  Yuengling Oktoberfest

Song  Parquet Courts  Human Performance



Dream trip Day 132 Boston to Providence by bus, party hostel, Irish lady

Everything is so much closer on the east coast. It was like Europe, only an hour or 2 bus ride or train, and you were in a different state.

Today it was Boston to Providence via a local bus line. Very affordable.

I took the long walk to the bus depot passing through Chinatown for some sweet pics.




There was a craft coffee shop nearly in front of the bus depot, I got a cup to go. I think it was Guatemalan coffee.

Hurry up and wait! We gathered near the area our bus would arrive and watched the time pass by slowly! It was a bit late.

Still for perhaps 20$ this was not a bad deal at all. I only wish the train was affordable.

I can at least say I’ve been through Pawtucket.

Once again I had arrived before check in time, plus rain was due! I needed shelter for a few hours. Ah a pub!

I tell you no sooner had I entered, it rained hard for a good half hour or more. Tremendous amount of rain.

I had to get clam chowda, even though I am not a huge clam fan, the dish would warm you up. A regional favorite.

The guy behind the bar said there was a chowda for every state, even some cities used tomatoes or some other shellfish, whatever was around.

After a couple pints, a beer rep arrived and handed me a bottle opener, as well as another beer.

We talked a while, he kept buying, He seemed like a nice enough bloke. Very suburban though, like a lot of the mid cities guys I knew back in DFW.

I didn’t have much else going on plus it was still raining, no sightseeing today.


Still raining when he left. I felt it best to call a car to arrive precisely at my hostel.

It was located in a neighborhood, on the other side of the tracks. A multi story house affair. Felt very Amityville horror style.


Seems the workers got top and ground floors, I was stashed in a room with several bunks, all I was assured would be empty tonight. So far.

There was 5 of us in total staying or living at the hostel, going out tonight. They had all ready decided to close up and go out by the time I checked in.

I hung out in the TV room where they had hooked up a gaming system to be their playlist player via youtube. I was DJ.

They mainly wanted to listen to 21 Pilots. Stressed Out.

We all piled into a Uber van and zoomed to a pub downtown. I bought 1st round, I laid that gauntlet down son!

It was a real Irish pub, with private booths and all. I chatted up a friend of one of the hostel employees. She seemed pretty amazed I had just been to Ireland.

She was about to move or stay there awhile, not sure. I don’t think she knew either, her family still lived there so she always had a place to stay.

Man I sure wish I had some overseas relatives to visit!

I was envious of some friends that spent summers or vacations at their relatives in another country. That is a valuable experience to have.

My relatives just lived in different parts of Texas, parts you’d only like to visit for a day.

We kept drinking, the ladies located a dance club, but I rolled with it, chatting up a couple of the guys.

The ladies here oh man, they went hard. Shots, mixed drinks, shots. More shots.

I had to stop drinking beers, everyone took turns buying shots. I maintained.

Of course people became separated, drama, the usual. I tried to hang around a couple of the people I knew.

Outside was an immense open area that many congregated that had food trucks.

Somehow everyone was together suddenly and a van was called. We were so loud in the van, just hopping over each other and everything.

A fine night in Providence!




Onwards to New York City!

Beer        Sweet Baby Jesus!

Song  Lightning Bolt   Dracula Mountain

Dream trip Day 129 Farewell Oxford, 12th Century Turf Tavern, Gatwick

I woke, showered and met my Canadian friend on the patio, drinking coffee.

We discussed the night as well as our brunch plans at Turf Tavern, build in 12th century, or earlier, they just don’t have records going back further.

Lots of fires in ye olde Britain so many records have been lost.



You really have to follow a map to find the tavern, it isn’t easy. Down a small passage that at least has a plaque.


There were 2 sets of taps inside where you ordered beer or food. You pointed to where you would sit, in or out.

We picked outside, it wasn’t raining, yet. I chose a burger, can’t go wrong with a pub burger yup.

The place to be here is out back, big tables, covered for when it rains and it does rain a lot in this part of the country.

Why, it even rained as we enjoyed our meal but we were safe and dry.

Another pint to wait out the rain then. I soon became enamoured with a chap across from me who was loudly talking over the phone.

He was soon joined by, ‘ah here he is, the whisperer! My boy, yes, you see..’ he was proper chap, just well put together. Long wallet, coin purse, watch on a chain. Everything he carried had some sort of special carrier or satchel.

He did indeed refer to his associate as “the whisperer” several times. It was like off a BBC show or something.

I soon bade my friend goodbye, he was off to the north, I had a bus to the south.

Gatwick, home to an airport and a small village. There are 2 buses a day Oxford to Heathrow and Gatwick.

One is very early, leaves before 8 I believe. My flight was mid afternoon so I didn’t want to risk anything. Travel over an hour pre-flight is typically not a good idea.

So 1 night in Gatwick, mere miles from the airport.

England has a great bus system, double-decker style so upstairs I went. Headphones on and we were off!

I love the rolling hills and tiny villages, cottages we encountered along the way. Lovely country. Need to go back to the north.

A long walk once I arrived to Gatwick and I was to my room. The airport options seem to the be the same no matter where you go. A bed, shower, toilet, tv all one needs.

I settled in, showered up so I could leave the next morning without shower time.

It turned into a rather long walk, stroll but I found a local pub. Caught my last footy match in country with a pint.

Soon some favorites appeared, scotch egg, chips, a fine final UK meal!

I sat with my new reality, my trip was nearing its end.

Tomorrow a flight to one of my favorite cities, Boston, via Iceland of course. It was only a 4-ish hour flight, not bad at all.

A long weary walk in a rainy mist was tough. I was heading home, the US, but where precisely was TBD…


Beer  McEwan’s Champion

Song  Led Zeppelin    Ramble On


It 1475001567126

Dream trip Day 117 Bus to Limerick, Irish dancers, submerged boat

Another early morning in order to hit the bus station before noon. 1 last Irish fry up courtesy of Pat and Mary.

We chatted with them a bit, thanking them for the great walking tip. They are quite lucky that walk is a daily option.

A short walk down the road and we were at the mall, bus depot. It makes total sense though, with shopping near by, it gives you something to do while you wait for your bus or pop into a shop if you forgot to pack something.

Standing outside with several people, all who smoked, it suddenly began to rain steady.

Everybody in Ireland had an umbrella within reach and this guy had a large golf style umbrellas to aid with retrieving people’s luggage.

We lined up under an awning and the driver sold us tickets. There weren’t many people going to Limerick today so we had nice window seats.

It doesn’t rain hard, but it rains steady for hours, never letting up.

Luckily, it had stopped raining about halfway through our trip. Ireland sure was pretty and green due to all this rain!

We were dropped off at a small bus, train depot in Limerick and walked to our hotel for the next few days across town.

We began in a busy area full of shops, restaurants and other activities, but soon we were in what I felt was not a great area at night.

I couldn’t place why I felt dirty, target like, but I did walking through a number of small multilevel brick houses.

Luckily our stroll through this part of town was over quickly as we crossed a lovely bridge to get to our hotel.

Rounding a corner we spied a boat in the water but it wasn’t sea worthy any longer.


The boat’s placement blocking a narrow channel seemed deliberate. We noted its progress each day as it would rain, raising the water level.

We got a heap of info upon check in, from a dinner spot to purchasing a bus tour to the Cliffs of Mohr in the morning.

The Locke Bar where we were recommended was a bit crowded, but we were able to snag a table with a view of the dance floor.

As soon as you enter, to the left was a lightly colored wooden floor where a small band was set up playing Irish tunes.

The band was soon joined by Irish dancers, a couple of lads and lassies, terms they most definitely use here.

Irish dance is one of the most awkward dance style to behold in person. No arm movements it’s all feet tapping, crossing, hopping, a very airborne dance.

As I learned, Irish dancing isn’t ‘river dance,’ that is the name of 1 guy’s dance show but he is for sure the man who introduced this unique dance style to the world.

We got beers and watched the show, each song had a different dance including solo jigs or couples. A fury of feets flying!

Our night was settled, let’s take it easy. We had great seats, they had beer, food and live music so we stayed.

Fish and chips this time, I presume due to the proximity of the River Shannon I felt it to be fresh.

We raised our pints and said cheers, to which a couple next to us joined in, ‘Sláinte!’ they responded, to your health. 

I soon related my tales from my friend from Limerick to my mom. I couldn’t believe I actually made it to his hometown.

We headed back to our hotel after dinner and a couple of pints. It was spritzing rain which was annoying but not enough to soak us.

I had spied a pub across the river from our hotel so I split off from my mom.

Wow I’d stumbled into an extremely local pub. Usually at least 1-2 people will nod or say hello, but not here.

I even had to change places at the pub to get served. Maybe it was my long-ish beard?

It seemed there was a wedding reception or some other formal style event so perhaps it was just a family affair evening.

I had a couple pints, watching the footy highlights on the telly. At least it didn’t rain on my walk home.

Tomorrow the Cliffs of Mohr!

Beer: Stag Bán

Song:  Black 47  Fire of Freedom

Dream trip Day 114 Ring of Kerry tour, Dingle Bay, Killarney B and B

Another early bus call so a quick breakfast of porridge and coffee. I’d say porridge is more creamy and run-y vs the oatmeal I had back home. Filling for sure.

More people on the bus today. This was the tour of the big spots of the western island they named route The Ring of Kerry.

We’d head north to Killarney, on to Waterville, and Sneem each much more picturesque than the next. All were perfect film sets, some had already been used.

Our driver was a pleasant chap who also filled us in on the Irish language and people.

The 1st bit of knowledge, ‘so what’s the deal with all these towns called Kill- something? Well, in Irish, kill= church that way you’d know who has one if you’re traveling. You’re welcome!’ the driver explained.

He often took to explaining things and asking for a round of applause or for us to cheer his name. Very entertaining host as well as good driver. These were some narrow roads not meant for huge buses.

First stop in Killarney and it is truly one of the most pleasant places I’ve ever been. I was expecting to see a milkman walking around, waving or maybe a mail guy getting a cat out of a tree. It was a Norman Rockwell painting in real life.

We just walked up and down the main street during our hour layover. I think we were to pick up another group was the reason for this stop. It was now a full bus.

Our next stop was just outside Killarney and it was a strange place to stop. Just a stream and a guy with a donkey you could take you picture sitting on. We began to realize that these tours buses will stop anywhere so long as you paid.


There were an endless stream of handcrafted goods, foods and other trinkets available on our frequent stops.

We passed through tiny towns and our driver told us that they still farm here like they’ve done for centuries. Sheep mostly for its prized wool.

Each farmer had a unique color mark that was sprayed on the backs of the sheep. All the sheep were let go to graze up the side of a mountain and once it came time to shear the sheep, they just separate based on this mark.

The rams were just left on the mountain, free to roam and have their way with as many sheep as they could during season. You cannot contain a ram as easily as a sheep.

Before too long we had finally hit the coast, though I doubt they had many surfers, swimmers here.


We backed into a spot on a narrow curve atop a hill, it was lunch time, though I wasn’t too hungry. The long line aided in my decision.

I’d often joked that there was a sammich in every pint of Guinness, so that is all I had. My mom ordered a barley soup, I believe.

We were served by a beautiful lass and actually got her talking about the area. She said most people here worked the summer tourist season months and survived the rest of the year off that money.

She says it gets very cool, rainy during the winter so no one really goes outside. Still seeing all the tour buses and traffic we were causing, it seemed like we were in someone’s living room with dirty shoes.

During the coastal part of the tour our guide brought up a move shot there: Ryan’s Daughter, a 1970 film starring Robert Mitchum and directed by English titan David Lean.

I had to laugh as our driver pronounced it fil-uhm, ‘Have you seen the fil-uhm Ryan’s Daughter…” haha.

Growing up, my dad quoted, ‘give me the fil-uhm!’ to me, from a Three Stooges episode, but I’d not encountered anyone who actually pronounced it this way in person until this moment.

You can still pick up souvenirs about the film along the Ring, it is quite popular here and brings in a lot of ladies who have seen it, wanting to reminiscent and see the lands. I’d never heard of the film much less seen it but it is on my list.

My family has always been film watchers and it is nice to see where something was filmed. Sometimes we tried to guess where it was shot as the credits roll to see who knows their countryside the best.

Another film shot around here was the Star Wars, The Force Awakens. The final scene on the tiny island with stone stairs and dwelling was filmed on Skellig Island.


This view was rare our driver told us as there is usually fog obscuring these islands. The small one on the right foreground is where Star Wars scene was filmed.

Our driver told us that centuries ago, monks built stone structures on the island so they could live simply and meditate. They worshiped the sun.

Catholic missionaries showed up and found the monks in their tiny stone dwellings.

They really loved the sun so they couldn’t convert to anything not sun related. No problem the missionaries told them, we will add the sun to our cross.

And that is how the Celtic cross was created. Well at least one story anyway.


We hit the tiny town of Sneem, a town square really. It was sadly memorable due to an eccentric man who owned a friendly goat.

Goats have a distinct odor on them, in them, it is all-encompassing and will stay with you if you touch them. I’d say the smell extended a few feet in all directions from the goat and man.

Goat was pretty cool looking, long curled horns, a blank look on his ever chewing face.

The man looked like a guy who hangs out with a goat, long dishevled hair, long beard, grin on his face. He sat next to his goat, stroking its beard and petting it. He charged a bit for a photo, that was his racket.

Goats just seem dumb but they will sneak up on you, mess you up. Watch out for goats, why do you think they put bells on them?

Continuing our film centric part of the tour, we arrived to Waterville where Charlie Chaplin kept a house close to the sea. There is a statue of him dressed up as the Little Tramp with a clear view of the shore.

True story, while staying in Waterville he entered a Charlie Chaplin lookalike contest and took 3rd! Haha the judges really got it from the press!

My mom was quite taken with the thatched roof houses we passed by. Our driver informed us that the neighbors took turns helping each other thatch their houses as it had to be done yearly and completed in 1 day.

We had a very tense moment when a tour bus going the opposite direction approached. The drivers had a protocol as the roads were very narrow.

You could reach out and touch the other bus, maybe 2 feet between us, 1 slowly driving while the other bus waited. We waved, some took pictures of the other bus as it passed.

Buses aside, everyone here drives like they are late as well as having no concept of bodily injury to themselves or others. Cars flew by in each direction, passing the bus even with an oncoming traffic ahead.

For sure driving in rural Ireland is a test and not for everyone. We were pleased several times that we didn’t have to drive.


The ground was very rocky here. Most of the land was squared off using rock walls. Our driver explained these were famine walls.

During the Irish Famine of 1847,  there was a disease on potatoes. Most people lived off a ration of potatoes and grains, simple foods.

The English landowners still expected the crops grown on their land to be exported rather than used to feed the people harvesting these crops. It was also forbidden to shoot wild animals either as those also belonged to the landowners.

Stealing food was punished by pulling up rocks from the ground to build walls. This made the land farmable as well as giving the peasants something to do while they starved or as a form of punishment. Seemed any reason was suitable to work the rocks out of the land.

Resentment remains high amongst the Irish, that the English exploited their land, labor and food using the famine as a means to get native people off the land.

History is often grim and bleak, but it is needed to know what others have done, good and bad, so we can learn what to do and what not to do if faced with a similar situation.

You have to hope for peace, that everyone figures out a way to get along fairly. It seems that last fair bit has always been tricky.

Our bus continued on the winding road, rolling rocky hills and sea. At this point, no matter how gorgeous the view, we were a bit tired of getting on and off the bus for sometimes as few as 15 minutes.

We paused at Torq Waterfall, accessed via short walk through a rainforest.


Always funny how doing nothing all day on a bus wears you out. I suppose it was an all day adventure beginning by 830am and it was now 6pm.

We were the only ones who got off in Killarney, our bus driver wishing us well. Paddywagon Tours does a fine job, entertaining drivers.

It was a short walk to our bed and breakfast, a couple blocks from the city centre. The main road had pubs, shops and restaurants we looked forward to exploring.

Our main priority now was to get rid of these backpacks and then figure out evening options.

Ah yes, rain! Of course, rain, rain happens a lot in Ireland. Tried waiting it out and realized that there were levels of rain and this level was ok for walking.

Eventually as it does, the rain won out so we popped into a pub. Thus began a run of Irish lamb stew for dinner which made sense as it was coolish outside. Nice to warm yourself with a hot meal.

We finished the night after a couple pints, running home in the pouring rain, but it was foolish, we were soaked. Doesn’t drying out in bed makes for a good night’s rest, I should think so.

We’d checked off a big one-off my mom’s to see list today. We had a couple of days to explore the charming town of Killarney!

Beer: Kinsale Pale Ale

Song:  Hothouse Flowers   Don’t Go