Hello my name is Jason and I like to travel. I created this page so that my family and friends could read about my many adventures. The idea to write was generated at work due to the trips I took and the many inquires about what all I did. As I discovered, not many people travel, but most everyone enjoys a travel story or picture.

Find more pics of my travels on Instagram: @journeyswithjason

From May 2016 until October 2016 I traveled throughout EU and UK. I used this blog to update my family during this time. I have other stories and pics of 2 other trips to Europe as well as Mexico and Brasil.

In all I’ve been to all UK countries England Wales N Ireland and Scotland. Plus EU countries Ireland Poland Czech Republic Slovakia Hungary Belgium Netherlands Spain Portugal France Germany Austria and just the countries of Denmark Andorra Iceland.  I have stores from each of these along with pics of the city and landscapes.

Currently I am living in New Orleans which is the most European feeling city in the US as far as I can tell. Some blogs and pics will be from this fine city too. I do make a point to travel around the US so expect more pics and tales from around the States.

I also have some writings I did while working for a large corp. I had to send out info to the field in the US about sales and promotions. It was not supposed to be an interesting read so my boss at the time told me ‘you are a good writer, just make up stuff, make it fun!’ Thus the seeds of this blog were formed. I really got into writing these weekly emails.

Click on the three bars on the upper right of the screen, select a city or country and away you will go!

Thank you for reading. All errors are my own so appreciate any grammar or other corrections.


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